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The Geotrax team solves one of the fundamental problems in companies - the real-time location of assets and/or people. With the Geotrax system, companies can easily monitor, identify and control key business processes and activities within the enterprise, and regulate and optimize them more easily, quickly and cost-effectively.


Asset Tracking with Geotrax is a new, innovative way to control and manage corporate assets, enabled by the latest BLE (Bluetooth), UWB (Ultra Wideband), LTE (Cat-M1, NB -iot) and BLE/UWB/WiFi scanner technologies. Asset tracking belongs to the group of business processes in the field of control and security. Assets are tracked using BLE/UWB trackers inside buildings and LTE / GPS trackers outside buildings. 


All information flow into a cloud system connected to the three most used SaaS systems worldwide, SAP, Infor and Deloitte. Users of the system will be able to monitor, control and analyze all data and business processes in the company in real-time via the Geotrax web application. The business model is based on income from the sales of the package system and monthly subscriptions.

Marjan Povše Founder & CEO
Support Environments
  • Katapult
Involvement in the Programme
P2 2020 SEF StartupPlus+
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Revenue in the year 2022
76 - 300k
Izvedba: Mojdenar IT d.o.o.