Quantifly d.o.o. Ljubljana

Quantifly is developing a web-based platform to solve HRM challenges. Through their cloud-based tool, HRM decisions and changes are made based on statistically tangible data instead of feelings, emotions and opinions. At Quantifly, this is achieved through an in-depth analysis of the company (the customer) and all its employees with their custom human-assisted software. After the analysis is completed, clients receive a management report that includes indicators of the company's health, employees' competencies, their roles, etc.

A significant innovation is sociometric analysis, which provides insight into communication networks and the structure of responsibility in the organization. That is where the causes of the expressed symptoms are hidden - vaguely defined roles, inadequate allocation of personnel, destroyers of team dynamics, communication silos, etc.

The Quantifly tool is primarily aimed at companies where the added value of employees is of great importance, as this is where the contribution is the greatest. Competitors either do not offer an integrated solution (Quantifly allows data capture and analysis) or do not focus on individual employees but only on the company as a whole, which Quantifly, on the other hand, does. In addition, the results are provided on a web-based platform.

In 2023, Quantifly was the finalist for Slovenian Startup of the Year award!

Involvement in the Programme
StartupPlus+ SK75 2021 SEF Register of Innovative Start-ups Slovenian Startup of the Year Finalist
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Revenue in the year 2022
0 - 75k
Izvedba: Mojdenar IT d.o.o.