Pricepilot d.o.o. Radovljica

The PricePilot online platform offers service providers such as hairdressers, beauty salons and diagnostic centres to fill their available capacities by on-line reservations at variable dynamic rates. For users of the services, the platform provides self-service and private choice of services as well as information on the prices of the desired services. PricePilot also solves the problems that are momentarily more or less successfully solved through the use of online coupons, where in fine print the validity is  usually limited only to certain morning hours upon an advanced notice.

The advantages of PricePilot are a more intuitive and self-service booking process, commitment to advanced dynamic pricing and automated local online advertising.

Mitja Poljšak Founder
Involvement in the Programme
SK50 2014 SEF StartupPlus+ SK50 SEF
Market type
Revenue in the year 2022
76 - 300k
Izvedba: Mojdenar IT d.o.o.