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Solar Integrated d.o.o. Maribor

The solar fence developed by the company SOLAR INTEGRATED d.o.o. offers a solution for owners of family houses and business premises who cannot install a solar power plant on the roof due to unsuitable shape, orientation, or unsuitable construction base, as well as for those owners who do not want to risk damage or roof penetration when installing solar panels or do not want to risk a fire on the roof. The solar fence effectively solves these problems by integrating the solar power plant into the yard fence, where there are no previously mentioned limitations and risks, and it also provides easy access for cleaning and maintenance of the panels.


The solar fence is an innovative product that combines a panel-like aluminum fence and photovoltaic modules. The electrical conductors are connected in pillars, the main conductor runs through the fence pillars and the bottom row of aluminum panels to the network connection. The solution enables self-sufficiency with electricity from renewable sources and at the same time has a positive economic effect for the building owners through a cheaper joint investment, as two products are combined in one.

Alexander Cavallieri Co-founder & CEO
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  • Venture Factory
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P2 2020 SEF Register of Innovative Start-ups StartupPlus+
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