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Electricity distribution networks have been built over the decades. The computer models that describe them and are required to adequately plan and monitor their operations are generally not describing the actual situation. With more intensive penetration of renewable energy sources, heat pumps and electric car charging stations, the problem of inaccurate knowledge of the topology began to be expressed in overloads of phase conductors and pre/undervoltage events.


The Grid Instruments team solution enables electric power distribution operators to uniquely identify network topology. There is no solution in the market that can systematically solve this problem. The Topology Identification System (TIS) solution consists of reference and portable devices that the users installs on their networks. Currently, the solution has been developed to a prototype phase where all key components of the technology have been tested. The prototype solution has already been sold to the first client (Elektro Primorska) in the form of a pilot project.


In 2020, Grid Instruments was the finalist for Slovenian Startup of the Year award!

Gregor Goričar CMO
Involvement in the Programme
P2 2019 SEF StartupPlus+ SK75 2020 SEF Slovenian Startup of the Year Finalist
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Revenue in the year 2022
0 - 75k
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