Kovačnica, Business Incubator Kranj - is the first and newly established incubator in the Gorenjska region. Kovačnica is the first specialized incubator of its kind in Slovenia, where "food" startups grow with the help of experts from the food industry. In addition to the aforementioned specialization, the incubator also offers help and support to startups from other sectors.


They help businesses through promotional and thematic events to strengthen the knowledge and skills of entrepreneurs. They also offer expert advice to help entrepreneurs overcome the challenges of starting or running a business. A team of experienced mentors and professional advisors are always available to help members.


They provide coworking facilities, infrastructure and equipment, as well as contacts and a business network. They are implementing the PONI project (POdjetno Nad Izzive - Facing Challenges Entrepreneurially) to promote entrepreneurship, which is being implemented simultaneously by 8 organizations in Slovenia. With the help of this 4-month project, participants can turn their business idea into a real business.

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