Ulla Labs d.o.o. Ljubljana

Ulla Labs has developed a smart reminder for drinking water. Research shows that 65% of adults in the developed world do not drink enough water daily. They spend the day at a medium level of dehydration, which causes felling unwell, headaches, reduces concentration, accelerates exhaustion and slows down the digestion.


Place the Ulla device on any glass or bottle. Its built-in LEDs with visual signals encourage users, through an optimal hydration interval, to drink twice to three times as much water as they would otherwise.


In 2016, Ulla Labs was the finalist for Slovenian Startup of the Year award!


Cica Gajić Grabovac CEO
Involvement in the Programme
P2 2016 SEF Slovenian Startup of the Year Finalist
Market type
Revenue in the year 2022
76 - 300k
Izvedba: Mojdenar IT d.o.o.