Centrum Cognitio d.o.o. Maribor

The Centrum Cognitio team presents the Tina app - the therapists's intelligent assistant, which helps not only therapists but counselors and psychologists plan their work easily, converts audio recordings into text and provides them with organized and secure document storage, allowing them to have full control over their work planing as well as over their clients' documentation. The loss of time and money on administrative tasks is a major problem for therapists and psychologists. With Tina, they save both, and instead of focusing on administrative tasks, they can concentrate fully on their clients. Tina also runs the analysis of the clients and the therapist's work. Compared to other existing solutios on the market, the app offers therapists an integrated solution.

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  • Venture Factory
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P2 2022 SEF StartupPlus+ Register of Innovative Start-ups
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0 - 75k
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