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Tomappo is a comprehensive digital gardening assistant for younger, amateur and other users. It consists of a web application for easy garden planning with consideration of good and bad neighbouring plants and crop rotation. Tomappo is also a mobile application that accompanies users during the season, offers them a sowing calendar, weather forecasts for their garden, information about crops, a garden plan and the ability to enter reminders and notes.

An overview of global competition for gardening applications showed that Tomappo is above most others in terms of user experience, as evidenced by many enthusiastic user responses. The application is also more comprehensive as the web version is linked to a knowledge-sharing forum.

Tilen Blažica CEO
Support Environments
  • ABC Accelerator
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StartupPlus+ SK75 2017 SEF
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Revenue in the year 2020
0 - 75k
Izvedba: Mojdenar IT d.o.o.