Ollo Audio

Ollo Audio d.o.o. Šempas

Ollo Audio developed the Play2Me system for professional low frequency audio listening outside the studio. Ears are bad senses for detecting low basses, as people detect them through their bodies. For this reason, an audio engineer needs a studio where the recording can be played loud enough to feel the vibrations to enable mixing and listening to low bass recordings.


The Ollo Audio Play2Me system enables engineers to feel the bass frequency on their bodies through the BSE pillow and other tones through headphones. Thus, there is no need for a studio, so engineers acquire mobility and reduce the costs.


In 2019, Ollo Audio was the finalist for Slovenian Startup of the Year award!


Support Environments
  • Primorska Technology Park
Involvement in the Programme
StartupPlus+ SK75 2019 SEF Slovenian Startup of the Year Finalist P2 2017 SEF
Market type
Revenue in the year 2022
301k - 1 M
Izvedba: Mojdenar IT d.o.o.