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YFLab has produced the KidFlare Lumin and BikeFlare Visio safety GPS trackers under the Flare brand. KidFlare Lumin is a unique GPS tracker for children that can also be used as a safety reflector. Parents can use the app to track their children's location and receive notifications when they enter or leave a certain zone (e.g. school, neighborhood, etc.). The tracker is designed to increase the safety of primary school adventurers and give parents the peace of mind they deserve. BikeFlare Visio is a bicycle tracker and alarm designed for bicycle owners. The user always knows the location of the bike and is notified when it moves. The tracker also comes with an alarm. The device is concealed and integrated into the handlebars. Its main function is to reduce the fear of bike theft. The battery lasts for 2 weeks when running and up to 3 months when the alarm is active. GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth triangulation provide accurate positioning, while the integrated eSIM and 2G/LTE compatibility ensure wide and stable coverage.

Andrei Morozov CEO
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