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Construction, logistics, manufacturing and other companies that operate a large number of machinery or various vehicles still collect data on their operation manually. The recording of data through the completion of forms by employees may be inconsistent due to the human factor, the data is scattered and not accessible in real time. This makes it difficult for companies to closely monitor the correct operation, actual loads and condition of machines and vehicles, as well as the work of employees, which is necessary for proper planning of regular and extraordinary services and optimal organization of the company's work.


At Altron, they have developed electronic and software, which we use to control the working machines and vehicles from the fleet. With it, companies collect digital data from a number of smart sensors and process it in real time. With the help of state-of-the-art solutions in the field of telemetry, companies obtain accurate information, on the basis of which automatic alerts for regular services and automatic orders for the service of the necessary material are created. The company can monitor data remotely via a web and mobile application, namely the location of the vehicle, fuel condition, temperature of the cargo and the vehicle, routes performed, stops and other parameters.

Simon Korošec CEO
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  • Venture Factory
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StartupPlus+ SK75 2020 SEF
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0 - 75k
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