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According to scientific research, each person discards at least 140 kg of plastic waste each year, but only a third of it is actually recycled. Plastic slowly decomposes into microparticles that penetrate the earth from soil to groundwater, to rivers, etc. The Evegreen team has a solution. Together with a partner company from Germany, they developed a new, affordable and fully biodegradable, non-traceable material. They designed a new system for processing these materials on classic plastic injection machines. Their eco-friendly solution is Evegreen Flower Pots, which are also suitable for spring planting.


The Evegreen flowerpot  with the young plant is planted together in the garden, where it immediately becomes an effective natural protection against garden parasites. After 3 months, the flowerpot decomposes and becomes fertilizer.


In 2020, Evegreen was the finalist for Slovenian Startup of the Year award!

Eva Štraser CEO
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  • SAŠA Incubator
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P2 2019 SEF Slovenian Startup of the Year Finalist Register of Innovative Start-ups StartupPlus+
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