MyCol d.o.o. Ljubljana

MyCol is a provider of innovative solutions for visual control of temperature and for registration of their changes in the past. Their products are from temperature-sensitive chromogenic materials, that change colour if passing the defined temperature. The changes are seen by the naked eye or registered by video camera, thus no electric supply or IT network is required. The products in MyCol’s portfolio are unique and have plenty of freedom in design and visual messages.

MyCol uses innovative substances and processes to manufacture its products. The colour change technology is based on the so-called leuco dyes. Using them together with certain other components in a specific topology enables MyCol researchers to produce inks that irreversibly colour at specific target temperatures (activation temperature - TA) with narrow tolerances. Care is taken not to use harmful and environmentally friendly components.

The company MyCol d.o.o. has, in cooperation with the company Bucik d.o.o., developed the I-ColS product. I-ColS are thermochromic labels that enable visual temperature control. They are printed using intelligent ink and when heated above a controlled temperature, their color changes reversibly or irreversibly.

Marta Klanjšek Gunde CEO
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  • Ljubljana University Incubator
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