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Petrol is the largest Slovenian energy trading company with more than 1.400 employees and generated €3.8 billion of revenue and €64 million net profit in 2017. The company operates in the areas of energy, infrastructure, buildings, water circle, mobility, wholesale and other business solutions for business users, service sector, industry and cities as well as for the public sector.


Petrol is are also active in working with startups and organizes various “hackathons” together with its business partners to find new solutions that help the company expand or enhance its business.


Among its latest investments, Petrol was involved in the purchase of a 76 percent share of the financial tech startup mBills. When investing in startups, Petrol pays attention to proven business models and solutions as well as growth potential.

Basic information
PETROL d.d., Ljubljana

Dunajska cesta 50,

1000 Ljubljana,


Nina Vodopivec
Key Industry
Energy efficiency Payment Solutions
Key Technologies
IoT Smart mobility
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Countries of Operation
Izvedba: Mojdenar IT d.o.o.