How progressive work environments empower women

9. March 2020 At 18.00
Date and time
Monday, 9. March 2020
18.00 - 20.00 CEST

Dunajska cesta 151

1000 Ljubljana


Katarina Pirš, Head of Human Services at d.labs, Nasti Šušnjara, founder of FLOUFFY, and Alenka Vidic, founder of o28 communication group, will be guests of Maya Voje, entrepreneur and founder of Growth Lab, in this interesting panel with the title How progressive work environments empower women.


Not the date, nor the theme, or the fact that there will be only ladies on stage are not coincidences, as women's speakers want to remind women that it is not enough to talk about women's empowerment only on holidays, such as 8th of March, but should be pursued throughout the year in order to take action and nurture a mindset that helps female individuals to break through the glass ceiling and create a work environment that celebrates diversity.


After the panel, the ladies will be joined on stage by a representative of employers and one of the most experienced managers in our country, Jaka Stele.  Stele brought Microsoft to Slovenia in 1994 and became a regional leader for 25 countries in the CEE region in his career, caring for over 5.000 employees. After venturing into startup waters, he contributed to the multimillion-dollar growth of startup Visionect and joined the fast-growing Zebra BI as a COO earlier this year.

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