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In the developed world, the lifespan of humans is increasing, while at the same time, people strive for a quality of life at a late age. The fulfilment of this desire depends largely on the lifestyle of the individual and, above all, on his genetic background.


That is why a team of genetics experts gathered with Marko Bitenc and decided to give people an insight into their genetic code and genetic predispositions. The group conducts an analysis of the genetic code of individuals and make  a personalized genetic map to show them which genes they possess. In this way, clients are able to find out what diseases they are prone to (e.g., diabetes, circulatory diseases, breast cancer, etc.), what are their potential physical and some mental abilities (e.g., muscular explosiveness or physical stamina, nicotine addiction tendency, predisposition to obesity, ability to remember well, intelligence, etc.) and whether they are responsive or unresponsive to some drugs.


In 2008, GenePlanet was the finalist for Slovenian Startup of the Year award!

Marko Bitenc CEO
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Slovenian Startup of the Year Finalist P2 2008 SEF
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