Business Incubator Perspektiva


The Perspektiva business incubator has its premises in the suburbs of Postojna, in the "westernmost region of the East cohesion region", which means that its members also enjoy better conditions for accessing available funding. Although Perspektiva itself is one of the younger Slovenian incubators, this is exactly what allows it to be dynamic and modern.


At Perspektiva Business Incubator, the focus is on a high level of professionalism in working with entrepreneurs, but with a lot of humanity and understanding of their needs. With the help of various programs implemented in Perspektiva Business Incubator, they fully dedicate themselves to each entrepreneur: they swear by the harmony of work and life and believe in the power of community.

dr. Jana Nadoh Bergoč
Izvedba: Mojdenar IT d.o.o.