Erudio hub


Connecting students, academics and others who simply want an insight into the entrepreneurial/innovative environment or feel the need to create ideas and new solutions, ERUDIO HUB was realized in 2015 when it saw the light of day.


They primarily offer support in the form of various services designed for those entering the world of entrepreneurship for the first time, as well as for more experienced and already successful entrepreneurs and companies developing a new, innovative product or service. During incubation in the SIO ERUDIO- HUB program, they also offer their members free rent of business premises and use of other infrastructure, as well as the help of experienced mentors and experts to help develop the product, service and business model.


But not only that, they also give moral support, encourage when an individual or a team of entrepreneurs faces an unforeseen obstacle. They are all in one: a friend, a supporter, a mentor and a critic, everything someone needs to not give up despite all the obstacles in the business world. Even if they fail with the first idea, they motivate them to not give up and start developing a new idea again.

Basic information
ERUDIO HUB, inovativno poslovno okolje, d.o.o.
Ksenija Kaloper
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