Simon Šimat s.p. Maribor

Led by Simon Šimat, the team develops Soundkit, a web-based solution that automatically produces audio content such as intros, outros, background music, etc. This solves the problems of editing, processing and sound mixing that podcast creators regularly encounter in their work, which they have to do themselves, wasting a lot of time and ultimately producing unsatisfactory results. Soundkit does not require any prior knowledge on the part of the user and makes the lengthy process of sound design extremely fast. Unlike its competitors, it delivers original sound elements in just four simple steps, which means that the current lengthy process of creating a sound has been considerably sped up with Soundkit. Original sound elements are created by entering parameters into an interactive interface, and customers can further transform the elements before purchasing them, which is not offered by anyone else on the market.

Simon Šimat Founder
Support Environments
  • Venture Factory
Involvement in the Programme
P2 2022 SEF StartupPlus+
Market type
Izvedba: Mojdenar IT d.o.o.