OI Concept

Oikos Housing d.o.o. Hoče

OI Concept modular mobile homes are built to last with chosen materials which are friendly to nature. They are made with the intention to change and touch the lives of their residents and the community.

The greatest advantage of modular construction is that the final structure is not permanently connected to the ground and it doesn’t need building permits under certain construction laws. This is also an immense advantage if the land is subject to an agreement for use. The building owner does not necessarily have to own the ground. Modules can be set up anywhere and later separated from the plot, resold or combined with other modules. The module can be simply reused, added to another module or dismantled into its individual boards, which could then be reused.

Monika Jankovič CEO
Support Environments
  • Venture Factory
Involvement in the Programme
StartupPlus+ SI-SK 2021 SPS SI-SK SEF Register of Innovative Start-ups
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Revenue in the year 2022
3+ M
Izvedba: Mojdenar IT d.o.o.