INFI7 d.o.o. Maribor

 The company INFI7 develops the most advanced digital display and the first wireless control unit for e-bikes in the world, whose design merges with the shape of the e-bike. Manufacturers of e-drives or bicycles and end-users of bicycles are faced with a limited range of displays on the market, which are massive, affect the appearance of e-bikes, are quite expensive and their user interfaces are not user-friendly. There are also no displays on the market that can be integrated into the bicycle frame and adapted to various e-drive controllers.


INFI7 solution is an advanced system for the control and management of e-bikes, consisting of a digital display and a control unit. The display can be built into the frame of the bike, improving its appearance and protection, while the control unit, with 5 years of autonomy, is the first on the market to connect wirelessly without enlarging the casing, reducing costs and installation costs. The solution greatly simplifies the installation work for manufacturers, reducing labor costs, while on the other hand, the path technology allows unprecedented freedom of design. Thanks to the use of the latest microcontrollers, the solution represents a significantly cheaper offer, with optimization also lower consumption.


At an early stage, the company joined forces with one of the more advanced e-drive manufacturers, the TQ Group, and signed a contract to develop a customer-specific solution for a TOP5 bicycle manufacturer worldwide.

Darko Kranjc Co-founder & CEO
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  • Venture Factory
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P2 2020 SEF Register of Innovative Start-ups StartupPlus+
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Revenue in the year 2022
1 - 3 M
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