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Triforce Ventures has developed Glury, a decentralized online platform that allows content creators to share live video streaming. Currently, most video distribution is subject to the rules set by the big video distribution players. Among other things, the monetization threshold is so high that many creators were left without financial incentives.

The Glury platform now enables content creators to reach their viewers themselves, with advanced SDN, lower data transfer costs, and its content monetization model.

The advantage over other providers is also that when offering the service, instead of their own infrastructure, they can use infrastructure resources provided by users - viewers. In this way, they can reduce operating costs and take advantage of the infrastructure of users and viewers.

Their users are the initiators of basic streaming (video streaming) in various fields, who want to enrich it with modern digital technologies, if necessary, or just enable sharing or, if desired, also cooperation for their most loyal enthusiasts.

At Triforce Ventures, they strive to establish a first-to-market advantage with a technically sophisticated platform into which advanced digital systems can be embedded. Glury provides users with completely new experiences when watching.

Žiga Zupanec Founder & CEO
Support Environments
  • Technology Park Ljubljana
Involvement in the Programme
SK75 2020 SEF StartupPlus+ P2 2018 SEF
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Revenue in the year 2022
0 - 75k
Izvedba: Mojdenar IT d.o.o.