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Heating is the biggest cost factor in poultry farming, which is why Farma Sistemi has developed a ventilation system with heat recovery for poultry house that enables energy savings of up to 60%. In modern poultry farming, it is necessary to maintain temperatures of up to 35°C in the farmhouse . At the same time, fresh and high-quality air must be provided, which can only be achieved with adequate ventilation. This solution returns most of the energy that would otherwise be lost through adequate ventilation of the poultry house.


Due to the peculiarities of the poultry market, Farma Sistemi together with Slovenian and foreign partners has decided to offer equipment for the entire poultry house and they also offer a turnkey solution for the construction of the poultry house. By controlling all the processes carried out in the poultry house, they improve the efficiency of the equipment and thus increase the profitability of the production.


The Farma Sistemi aerator thus reduces the impact on the environment; the aeration system saves up to 35 MWh of energy in one breeding cycle. This means 7.7 tons less CO2 emissions to the environment, which is equivalent to the production of 127 trees in 1 year.

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