Digi Ace

Znajdi se Informatika d.o.o. Krško

The Znajdi se Informatika team has developed a web application DigiAs for companies that use FinTech solutions (e.g. Paypal, Stripe, Revolut) for payment transactions, which enables efficient conversion of transaction data into a format suitable for import into business accounting software. Other FinTech providers do not allow the export of data in standardized formats. At the same time, this data is an important part of the business accounting documentation, which means a lot of manual work, is time-consuming, and leads to higher costs for both entrepreneurs and accountants. All this also creates a bottleneck in the business, a higher risk of errors, and is tedious and monotonous. DigiAs converts business data into a standardized format that is ready for accounting purposes in a high-quality, comprehensive and manual-free way. It is universally applicable in all ERP systems and processes data up to 80% faster than usual.

Robert Dvoršek CEO
Involvement in the Programme
P2 2022 SEF StartupPlus+ Register of Innovative Start-ups
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Revenue in the year 2022
0 - 75k
Izvedba: Mojdenar IT d.o.o.