DiaGenomi d.o.o. Ljubljana

Founded in 2010 and a regular member of the Ljubljana University Incubator, DiaGenomi is involved in the development and delivery of services and solutions in various fields of molecular biology.


Tests of DiaGenomi differ from the competition in their entire approach to dealing with individual illnesses or threats and include, in addition to the genetic record itself, the impact of the lifestyle, family history and general health of the patient.


DiaGenomi’s current development and marketing trump card is the SportInjuryRISQ, a personalized preventive genetic test. It is intended for professional and recreational athletes to detect susceptibility to connective tissue damage and the general condition of the cardiovascular system.


DiaGenomi won the Slovenian Startup of the Year award in 2011!

Klemen Spaninger CEO
Support Environments
  • Technology Park Ljubljana
Involvement in the Programme
Slovenian Startup of the Year Winner P2 2011 SEF
Market type
Revenue in the year 2022
76 - 300k
Izvedba: Mojdenar IT d.o.o.