AviRings d.o.o. Murska Sobota

Although humans have been competing with carrier pigeons for at least two centuries, not all the secrets of their orientation have been revealed to this day. The passion for sports pigeon racing has taken on new dimensions in the last ten years. More and more money is being invested in the industry around this "hobby"; prizes at competitions exceed five-digit figures, Asian enthusiasts are spending millions for winning birds.


The idea of the AviRings team is to develop a tracking technology in the form of a mini-ring that is attached to the leg of the pigeon. Worldwide there are a good one million registered pigeon racers with an average of 150 pigeons. Such a ring will enable them to monitor their "athletes" on their way from release to the pigeon loft at home and provide information: on the flight route, speed and altitude and how they overcome natural obstacles (hills, lakes...). This information will make it possible to adapt the training sessions, to coordinate the release sites between competitors, to reduce the losses of sport pigeons due to attacks by birds of prey, etc. With this solution, the team will offer sports pigeon enthusiasts an optimal and modern solution.


The business model is based on the sale of initial packages (mini and maxi) of tracking rings, reading and charging devices and software as well as an annual subscription.

Gašper Tompa Co-founder & CEO
Support Environments
  • Pomurje Technology Park
Involvement in the Programme
P2 2020 SEF StartupPlus+ SK75 2022 SEF Register of Innovative Start-ups
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Revenue in the year 2022
76 - 300k
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