Roman Kužnar

Mentoring, Partnership, Investing
An experienced business and project manager in the field of internet and telecommunications technologies and the director of RC IKT incubator of the enterprise Iskratel

After completing his Ph.D. at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, where he researched innovative and industrially applied optimizations in the field of VLSI IC (Very Large Scale Integrations Integrated circuit), Dr. Kužnar continued his work as the head of the R&D sector and the head of innovation activities at Iskratel.


He is currently the managing director, active at Sintesio and at the RC IKT (development centre for internet and telecommunication technology), where they are always looking for innovative startups in the ICT field, helping them with development and entering the market.


As a member of RC IKT and as a member of Business Angels of Slovenia, Dr. Kužnar is always full of advice for young entrepreneurs, developers and tech startups. He is full of technical knowledge in various fields, but likes to relax with his family and take trips with his campervan in his spare time.

Consulting references"
Key competencies
Finance / Legal / Admin Product Designer Engineer (Hardware)
Key Industry
Energy efficiency IT equipment & infrastructure Real estate & interior design Personal devices & applications Generation
Knowledge of Technologies
Wireless Sensor Networks IoT Smart home Wearebles Servers & networks
Mentor in Programmes
Market type experience
Foreign market experience
Belarus France Germany Russian Federation Tanzania, United Republic of United States United Arab Emirates
Experience with companies in development stages
Early Stage
Izvedba: Mojdenar IT d.o.o.