Peter Merc

Lemur Legal & Suricate Ventures
Startup and fintech lawyer, general managing partner in a venture fund.

Dr. Peter Merc is managing partner in Lemur Legal, an advisory company which specializes for providing legal support for the startups and tech companies. Fintech, crypto and gaming (esports) are the industries, where Lemur Legal feels most comfortable.


Peter is also cofounder and managing partner in Suricate Ventures, which is a privately financed venture capital firm with a smart money investment philosophy. Suricate invests in early-stage technology ventures with a focus on Fintech & Insuretech, Gaming, Metaverse, Health and Logistics & Supply Chains. 


As an assistant professor Peter lectures at Law Faculty of New University in Ljubljana. Prior to his solo career, Peter worked in the banking sector in the fields of capital markets, compliance and bank’s supervision.

Key competencies
Finance / Legal / Admin
Mentor in Programmes
P2 2013 SEF
Izvedba: Mojdenar IT d.o.o.