Peter Bruner

Leader and visionary Peter Bruner has experience in the areas of business development, brands and identity.

Peter Bruner is a serial entrepreneur and creative, who immediately after his studies founded his first company OOSM net d.o.o., which dealt with digital advertising. The company, which was later restructured into OOSM Ltd. in London, was also included in the acclaimed StartUpBootCamp accelerator in the Netherlands.


As CEO of the company, Peter constantly improved his skills in public speaking, his mentor and teacher was the world-famous TedX David Beckett pitch coach, among others. Peter's passion is public speaking, and since 2015 he has been spreading his knowledge among young Slovenian entrepreneurs as a lecturer at workshops and conferences and by cooperating with the Zavod Mladi Podjetnik, Technology Park, Ljubljana University Incubator, Zavod Ypsilon and others.

Key competencies
Investing / M&A Pitch Sales / Business Development
Key Industry
IT equipment & infrastructure Communication & collaboration Production processes Leisure, travel & tourism Commodity trading
Knowledge of Technologies
Smart home Embedded systems
Mentor in Programmes
P2 2013 SEF
Market type experience
Foreign market experience
Europe United States
Experience with companies in development stages
Seed Stage
Izvedba: Mojdenar IT d.o.o.