Meta Ingenium

An international venture capital fund focusing on innovative companies with high growth potential.

Meta Ingenium Fund (MIF), an Italian venture capital fund with a strong and balanced team, invests in early-stage companies (seed, startup, growth).


On the Slovenian area, MIF manages a fund of €8 million, financed by 50% public and 50% private funds. They invest in startups from €50.000 to €1.500.000 in exchange for equity. The whole fund manages €92 million. Its portfolio includes, but is not limited to, BIA Separations and Folx TV.


MIF is currently closed as of August 2015.

Basic information
META Ingenium, družba tveganega kapitala, d.o.o.

Trdinova ulica 9
1000 Ljubljana


Meta Ingenium
Type of Investor
Drugo Sklad tveganega kapitala
Izvedba: Mojdenar IT d.o.o.