Andraž Tori

An entrepreneur, investor and co-founder of high-tech startup company Zemanta.

Tori achieved many successes and awards in computer science as a high school student, which gave him the opportunity to gain experience in Silicon Valley. Together with Boštjan Špetič, Tori started developing a product for the refinement of web content in 2007, which he sold to the Multimedia Centre of RTV Slovenia. From this initial project, they formed the company Zemanta, which was taken over by the US-Israeli company Outbrain in 2017.


Tori is currently active at Outbrain as Head of Recommendations and Data Science and is one of the founders of the Silicon Gardens Fund. He is also active as a consultant at Mediately and a member of the board of directors at Visionect.

Type of Investor
Poslovni angel
Izvedba: Mojdenar IT d.o.o.