A venture capital fund that provides startups with cash investments and support at entering German-speaking markets.

The fund is a Swiss investment company that invests in potential start-ups. With a possibility of equity investments and management consulting, it provides startup companies with "smart money" support. They invest from €50.000 to €500.000 in startups and have set up a specialized sales department, where they offer startups sales services in the markets of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia.


The fund has well-known companies in its portfolio such as Hooray Heroes, Quadrofoil, Taia, FlySentinel, Hotailor and Optiprint.

Basic information
AlpVent AG

Baarerstrasse 53

6302 Zug



Existing Investments
Type of Investor
Sklad tveganega kapitala Zasebni sklad
Izvedba: Mojdenar IT d.o.o.