Aljoša Domijan

A partner at Gambit Trade, which manages one of the largest Slovenian online stores

Domijan is a serial entrepreneur, startup investor and mentor. He is a partner in the company Gambit Trade d.o.o., which manages one of the largest Slovenian online stores, as well as the director of Aguatera d.o.o., which is active in content marketing. Over 20 years of online business, his businesses have generated over half a billion euros in traffic.


Domijan also serves as President of G Plus Quant organization, which connects investors and startups. He actively works as a mentor at ABC Accelerator and Business Angels. Domijan has invested in and successfully exited Vibarate and has invested in many other companies in Slovenia and Europe. In 2016, he received the Best Mentor Award at ABC Accelerator.


Domijan complements his entrepreneurial activities with social activities, having previously served as Vice President of the Slovenian Informatics Society, President of the Association for Informatics and Telecommunications at the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia, Member of the Board of the IAB Slovenia Interactive Advertising Bureau, Chairman of the WEBSI jury and lecturer at NOA Solutions (Network online Academy).

One can read his articles in the field of entrepreneurship, marketing and the use of new technologies in the most reputable Slovenian media, including the newsletter Finance.

Type of Investor
Poslovni angel Zasebni sklad
Izvedba: Mojdenar IT d.o.o.