Zavarovalnica Sava

Partnership, Investing

With more than 1400 employees, Zavarovalnica Sava generates nearly 300 million euros of revenue annually and is the second largest insurance company in Slovenia.


More than 430 agents, 86 representative offices and 358 representative agencies offer all types of property and non-property insurance of Zavarovalnica Sava and introduce digitization of business.


The partnership of Zavarovalnica Sava with Movalyse is an exemplary case of corporate collaboration with a startup, resulting in Vigo motor insurance.


Engaging with startups is a step of Zavarovalnica Sava on the path to company transformation into an agile and lean company.

Miha Pahulje Member of the Management Board
Key Industry
Data security & privacy Insurance Data aggregation & services
Key Technologies
Mobile security Smart mobility
Market type
Countries of Operation
Izvedba: Mojdenar IT d.o.o.