BTC City


The newly created BTC City is a vibrant, architecturally updated and ambitiously upgraded, well-thought-out traffic space, created in response to changing demands of modern times. This space, now fully embedded in the immediate environment of the city centre and deeply ingrained in people's consciousness, reflects the vibrant pulse of the diverse happening.


In partnership with ABC Accelerator and other partners, they look for collaborations with startups and are open to new ideas, innovations and new connections.

They are looking for synergies in the fields of smart cities, smart payments (Bitcoin City) and innovations that would otherwise help them to scale up their range of operations.

Basic information
BTC d.d.

Šmartinska cesta 152,

1000 Ljubljana,


Key Industry
Marketing & Advertising Business & productivity applications Payment Solutions Commodity trading Supply chain management
Key Technologies
Augmented Reality Smart city Online payment processing Blockchain Al
Market type
Countries of Operation
Izvedba: Mojdenar IT d.o.o.