Where and how to get money for startup development?

28. February 2017 At 16.00
Date and time
Tuesday, 28. February 2017
16.00 - 0.00 CEST

The key activity for an entrepreneur in the early stages of development is to guarantee funds for the growth and development of the company. Along with the classic 3 Fs (Friends, Family, and Fools), bootstrapping and business angels, you also have access to the public funds of the Slovenian entrepreneurship fund. 

So that you will be fully prepared when the programs are announced (expected to be at the beginning of March 2017) and will only deal with filling out the project application, we prepared a series of preparatory workshops, where we will work through all key content and financial elements of the application to the programs:

  • P2 – stimulation for starting innovative companies,
  • SK75 – convertible loan for starting innovative companies, and
  • SK200 – equity entry of the fund for the growth of innovative companies.

Why attend?
We believe that many products that could succeed on the market, don't succeed with the application to the programs, as the founders start planning the application at the last moment, which leads to them not working out the key elements of the business model, not finding key stickers for a good story and unrealistically and sloppy developing the financial plan. 

What are we offering?
Together with us, you can prepare so that come application day you can answer all the key questions from the application, prepare a financial plan in accordance with the terms of the application and consequently succeed in your application. Our services are free, as we are doing them to fulfill the mission of the Venture factory, the entrepreneurial incubator of the University of Maribor. 


  1. Apply to our workshops and guarantee yourself a spot.
  2. We will choose the candidates that we believe have a product that is appropriate for the programs. The only condition is that you are either already our member or will become one.
  3. Following that is a series of intense workshops where with the guidance of an experienced mentor you will develop a business model that holds some weight, following that we will focus on storytelling for your product (of course there is no universal recipe for the perfect story, there are only some common grounds). In the last phase of the workshops, we will create a financial plan, which is also a mandatory part of the application.  
  4. The final act is individual 1 on 1 meetings when applying for the fund, where together with the assigned mentor you will finalize your application (when the program is published).
  5. We will prepare you for a personal presentation in front of an expert committee, which is a component of the application to the programs.


28.2. 2017
16:00 – 18:00 
To which program should I apply to my product, P2, SK75, and SK200? Identifying the suitability of the development phase/product / formal shape for each program. Analysis of the company and product: For which program am I appropriate?
1.3. 2017
16:00 – 20:00
Development/design of your business model. We will prepare a business model for your product/service. 
3.3. 2017
16:00 – 20:00
Planning and preparing a financial plan for the programs. Overview of the program's application documentation with an emphasis on the criteria of the programs. 
Under the leadership of mentors, you will prepare a financial plan for the program. We will clear all possible uncertainties from the application documentation.
9.3. 2017
16:00 – 20:00
Folow-up workshop
Participants come with a prepared business model and answers to the questions of the application. We are polishing the application together. 
12.3. 2017 Deadline for the submission of drafts to   svetovanja@tovarnapodjemov.org .
13.3. 2017 Roadshow – a thorough overview of the conditions of the programs
13.3. – 18.3. 2017 Polishing your application at individual 1 on 1 meeting with an assigned mentor. Dates will be set individually.
22. march 2017* Submission of your application to Start:up Slovenija. (up to 35 points in the P2 program)
27. march
 16:00 – 20:00
Preparation and practice of your presentation within Start:up Slovenija
Together we will prepare your presentation for the committee hearing. 
28. march
16:00 – 
Preparation for the DEMO day - your presentation in front of the committee.
Presentation practice. 
April 2017
Workshop for the finalization of the application to the SEF fund (P2 or SK75 or SK200)
The workshop is intended for polishing of your application to the chosen SEF program.

*the date can change

Applications to the series of workshops are open until 27.2. Active work starts on 28.2. In the case of a large number of applications, we will open more appointments of the workshop and will divide you into groups.


What is the stage of your product/idea?
Based on the developmental stage (idea, prototype, growth ... ) you have access to programs that logically follow each other: 

P2 program and the Start:up Slovenija competition
Slovenian entrepreneurship fund in the P2 program guarantees startup companies with an innovative idea 54.000 € of start-up incentive for the development of a product. These are grants that are transferred to the bank account of the entrepreneur in three stages after a confirmed report about the justified use of money. P2 is connected with the competition Start:up Slovenija, where entrepreneurs can gather up to 35 of the possible 100 points. More: https://goo.gl/KVUMPi
SK75 - 75.000 € convertible loan 
SK75 is a program for young high-tech companies with the potential for growth and creating new jobs, who have already confirmed the existence of a problem with a prototype. It enables them to get seed capital of 75.000 € in the form of a convertible loan. More: https://goo.gl/AS9zXQ

SK200 - 200.000 € capital investment
SK200 is a program for young high-tech companies with the potential for growth and creating new jobs to get 200.000€ of seed capital in the shape of a direct capital investment of the fund. Več: https://goo.gl/ioh0mO

Do you want to participate? Do you have a question? 
No problem, we are here to help:

Nataša Rus                                                                              Jure Verhovnik
Natasa.rus@tovarnapodjemov.org                                 jure.verhovnik@tovarnapodjemov.org




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