University of Maribor Entrepreneurship day

23. March 2017 At 15.00
Date and time
Thursday, 23. March 2017
15.00 - 0.00 CEST
Doing what you want, having fun, and making money while doing so is what entrepreneurship can offer you. In the recent times, more students have started to realize this - are you among them? Join us. 
In this interesting afternoon, you will get to know entrepreneurship first handily. Through a fun game, you will find your entrepreneurial skills and get to know the typical processes that happen when you lead an idea to execution - the best 3 teams will get a reward. We will continue with "Real Talks", where successful founders of Maribor startups will tell the stories of their beginnings in entrepreneurship in short TED-style talks. The final act of the afternoon will be a networking dinner. 


15.00 - 15.05       Introductions by the representatives of the venture factory as well as University of Maribor

15.05 - 15.15       A short presentation of the entrepreneurial program entrepreneurial university

15.15 - 16.30       Teambuilding & an entrepreneurial game

16.30 - 16.45       Award ceremony

17.00 - 17.05       Intermezzo

17.05 - 17.30       A break for refreshments

17.30 - 18.30       REAL TALKS with guests:
- E-forma, Martin Pelcl
- Adora med, Kristjan Kosič
- Reveel, Kristijan Pukšič
- IP združba, Mateja Uranjek
- Inova IT, dr. Simon Jurič

18.30 - 21.00       Networking dinner (never eat alone)

The event is the kick-off for the program entrepreneurial university. As part of this program we set goals to help students, researchers and employees at the University of Maribor create at least 8 companies, accelerate at least 25 ideas and introduce entrepreneurship to at least 1500 individuals. 

Do you need an individual consultation? We advise students of the University of Maribor and members of the Venture factory in individual meetings. We are available for more information at  

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Who is Martin Pelcl?

Martin Pelcl is an architect that deals with innovation in civil engineering and architecture. He started his own architecture practice and entrepreneurship in the field of education in 2009. After realizing that the Slovenian civil engineering market is extremely nontransparent and unorganized, he and Gregor Černelč founded a startup called MojMojster. The main problem they are solving is finding quality contractors for engineering projects. In 2014 and 2016, he founded and a Croatian and Austrian version of the service. He also helped found the company Coinhab d.o.o., which is the first Slovenian co-investment platform for building apartments.

Who is Kristjan Pukšič?

Curious, open and ambitious. He is in charge of financial operations and coordinating everyday activities as well as strategic plans. In life, he is driven by a thirst for new knowledge and challenges. He likes to share his knowledge and experience with potential young entrepreneurs.

Who is Kristjan Košič?

Father. Cyclist. Researcher and entrepreneur. After finishing his studies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (FERI), he got a job at Petrol - a company working in the field of energetics - where he was in charge of big ICT projects. He continued his career as an assistant at FERI. While working at the faculty, he still stayed in touch with the economy, applying his scientific and research work to practice. He gave his heart to the ADORA startup, for which he says he has a mission, a vision and a team that will bring the "surgical assistant" into every hospital and help save lives.  The surgical assistant is a typical example of a product that needs a good story because of a very specific market and understanding the product itself. We'll ask Kristjan how they tackled the story and placed the product into it, and what the first market reactions were.

Who is Mateja Uranjek?

CEO and cofounder of Združba IP d.o.o. The company is currently active mostly in ICT technology, but they are striving towards interdisciplinarity, where everything is intertwined with design, marketing, work and organizational psychology, and law. So the company is developing web and visual solutions. She is a professor of visual art by education, a painter and photographer at heart, and mostly a graphic designer, coordinator and project manager in practice. Her design is unique, convincing and user-friendly. She is fascinated by new developments in technology and due to her curious nature, she automatically looks for new challenges and opportunities for perfecting her knowledge.

Who is Simon Jurič?

He is the co-founder of the Maribor company Inova IT. The company is based around a team of excellent developers, designers, and artists who research, design and develop mobile solutions that people love. The company and its employees are the recipients of many awards. They received one of them from Bill Gates himself.

Izvedba: Mojdenar IT d.o.o.