Strengthening Innovation System - Supporting Digital Transformation of SMEs

23. February 2021 At 11.00
Date and time
Tuesday, 23. February 2021
11.00 - 14.05 CEST

Platforma Hopin

Digital transformation in industry is becoming an increasingly important factor for business success. Established companies, startup & scaleup companies, universities, public project funding programs and other stakeholders are involved in the process of building the factories of the future.

Stakeholders from Slovenia, Serbia and the international community will participate in the online event in English to present their professional experiences and concrete projects for the digital transformation of companies in various industries.


During the event, you can learn more about:

  • factories of the future and pilot demo centres,
  • how companies can use IT prototyping to help them with their digital transformation,
  • what solutions startup companies offer for smart factories,
  • the role of VR / AR solutions in the digital transformation of factories,
  • what the future of smart farming is,
  • how blockchain technologies are being implemented in the food industry,
  • opportunities for project collaborations in building smart factories within the innovation ecosystem,
  • opportunities for funding digital transformation projects and opportunities for participation in international projects.


The event is organized by Slovene Enterprise Fund as part of the #StartupPlusProgram together with UNIDO and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is funded by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and European Regional Development Fund.




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