Startup Meetup With Gregor Koprivnik

9. June 2022 At 19.00
Biljardna hiša na Slovenski cesti
Date and time
Thursday, 9. June 2022
19.00 - 0.00 CEST

Dear entrepreneur, are you up for a Startup Meetup with Gregor Koprivnik? You're in for a great evening of entrepreneurial stories, and a unique opportunity to socialize and network over drinks, billiards and music.


Gregor Koprivnik, co-founder of Konverzija and an online shop under the renowned Slovenian brand Lič, will share his story with us. He will talk about his entrepreneural beginnings in Slovenia, his growth and expansion to more than 10 foreign markets, and also about the exit.


A 60-minute talk with gregor will be followed by socializing and networking. Silicon Gardens Fund partners wll also be there.


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