Start:up Slovenia Ekosistem Meetup

8. November 2019 At 8.00
Kavarna Sputnik
Date and time
Friday, 8. November 2019
8.00 - 10.00 CEST

Tržaška cesta 128

1000 Ljubljana


Kavarna Sputnik

How to enter the 100 million German-speaking market through Austrian Carinthia? #StartupPlusProgramme


Are you developing a service or a product that you would like to test on the German-speaking market? Due to its proximity, purchasing power and the Slovenian border community, Carinthia is an excellent starting point for penetrating the developed market with more than 100 million consumers. What is the average user in Slovenia and Austria like? What are the main differences between them? What are the main mistakes of growing companies entering the Austrian market?


The answers to these and other questions will be provided at the Start:up Slovenia meetup in partnership with BABEG.


The speakers and your interlocutors, who will also provide you with valuable tricks on how to address the Austrian customer successfully, will be:




Ing. Miha Kampuš, a Carinthian Slovene and serial entrepreneur, who has accumulated his sales experience in various companies that are successful not only in both markets but are well established on a global scale. Understanding consumers and businesses in different industries are his virtue, as he has been involved in 25 companies in various industries, such as cosmetics, energy, medical and real estate. Either as the director or as a marketing and sales manager, he first lives into the skin of the buyer so that the sales process can be completely adapted to the needs of the market.


Tadej Čertov, a forester by education, a beekeeper by heart. The Carinthian Slovene responds to the problem of bee mortality with the BeeSaver measuring system, which he attaches to the apiary and helps beekeepers with key information such as the weight and temperature of the hive. Connecting the system to the application allows him to respond quickly to problems, reducing beekeeper’s costs and increasing their yield. With first sold products, the young entrepreneur is well aware of the path from idea to visibility in the traditional industry in such a challenging market. In his lecture, we will learn what advice he would give himself at the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey and how to get the sales plan in Austria right?


Mag. Marion Biber, M.S., is the Director for Southern Europe at the Austrian Business Agency (ABA), which provides free assistance to companies, planning to expand on the Austrian market. Miss. Biber will provide an overview of the Austrian startup environment and incubators for foreign young businesses. She knows the answers to questions about tax and labor laws and has a wide range of business contacts that can help you set up your business.


Jernej Dvoršak from BABEG, the Austrian Carinthia investment-stimulating agency, will present the economic environment of the country on the north side of the Karawanks. In which industries the most potential is, where are the opportunities for Slovenian startups, what programs does Incubator Build offer?! And what provincial and state subsidies are available to young businesses? All this will be a topic of Mr. Dvoršak, who supports Slovenian companies at BABEG for them to start their business in the Austrian market smoothly.


Participation in the event is free of charge, but we are kindly asking you to confirm your participation.




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