SCHOOL FOR INVESTORS: Business Angel's Role After Investing in a Startup

27. January 2021 At 15.00
Online dogodek
Date and time
Wednesday, 27. January 2021
15.00 - 17.00 CEST
Online dogodek

Potential and existing investors, join us at the School for Investors where the guest will be Branko Drobnak, founder and president of Business Angels of Slovenia.

He will speak about the following:

  • Business angels need to set rules for spending. 
  • Changes in business processes need to be inventoried.
  • Planning: quarterly, monthly, weekly. CRM, liquidation and authorization, openness, principles and transparency.
  • Case studies: Cleanshelf, Eurosender, Blub blub, Little Heroes.


Branko Drobnak is the founder and president of Business Angels of Slovenia, which he founded in 2007 and connects Slovenian startups with investors. He is also known to the general public as the founder and director of the brokerage house Poteza, which was founded in 1992 when the investment market was still in its infancy. At Arima, he plays an active role in investment banking. As a consultant, he advises several companies and actively serves on the advisory board of Acies Bio.


As a business angel, he advises young entrepreneurs and invests in startups - as an individual or in collaboration with other business angels. His previous investments include companies such as Acies Bio and Double Recall. In recent years, he has advised and consulted DS Meritve, Datainfo, SparkLPG, Redstart Instrumentation and GlobalCore.


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