Productivity and time management

20. June 2017 At 15.45
Date and time
Tuesday, 20. June 2017
15.45 - 0.00 CEST
Do you know what Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook and one of richest people on earth above his desk? "Move fast and break things". Surgical exactness, high productivity, and speed are of key importance in entrepreneurship and whether you will succeed or not, even if things go wrong. 

Keeping a high degree of productivity each day is extremely hard. We are psychologicaly inclined to do less important activities, that merely give a false sense of progress. Furthermore, there are more and more diturbers in the business and personal environment, that keep us from focused work on our most important tasks. 

A filled up e-mail box, a to-do list full of some important small tasks, the phone constantly ringing, thousands of messages on social media can quickly sidetrack an entrepreneur from the activities that bring actual progress in entrepreneurship - creating value (innovating), selling additional values (marketing/sales) and gathering value (income model). 

In this completely practical workshop, you will get to know the orientations of "lean entrepreneuship" to real productivity, how agile methods of organization dramatically increase the speed of company development, along with concrete examples and tricks how to increase personal productivity. 

The lecture will cover five key themes of personal and agile productivity: 

1.    A lean look on entrepreneurial execution and productivity
2.    Difference between reactive and proactive time management (and how to say no)
3.    Managing the most common productivity killers
4.    Agile approaches to increasing entrepreneurial productivity
5.    Small tricks that will strongly increase your personal and team productivity

In this workshop, you will find out, how to correctly set priorities, organize your work day, establish a lean and agile organization inside the company as well as how to get 2 additional hours a day to work on the most important tasks in complete peace. 

After the event, we will also present opportunities that are available to you within the Digitrans project (digital transformation in the Danube region), which works on digital transformation in companies. The digital revolution doesn’t only influence production activities but also other sectors, such as services and trade. The goal of this project is to encourage small and medium-sized companies to define and apply their own digital business model.

About the lecturer

In the past 12 years, Blaž Kos has actively participated in the development of the startup ecosystem, VC and competitive business environment in Slovenia and Southeast Europe. He helped establish University incubators and technology parks managed the network of business angels and VC funds as well as designed the first public-private entrepreneurship accelerator. 

Furthermore, Blaž Kos consults companies and organization in increasing innovation, productivity and the use of modern technologies, write the blog AgileLeanLife about psychology, agile leadership and lean entrepreneurship. His blog was chosen among the 50 best blogs in the world in the category of personal and business growth. More on

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