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7. February 2017 At 19.05
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Tuesday, 7. February 2017
19.05 - 0.00 CEST
PR or public relations aren’t important only for big companies but also for small companies and startups. They are among the most important functions of every company. This doesn’t only include media relations and media announcements, which can significantly contribute towards the success and reputation of your company, but also other forms of communication with target groups, where a lack of suitable communications can trigger negative consequences.

We can see the effects of good communication with target publics on crowdfunding campaigns. Many startups that led successful Kickstarter campaigns told us that their communication with target publics was key for the campaign’s success. The fact is that the difference between a successful and unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign lies precisely in good or bad PR. Journalists play an important role in spreading information among company’s customers, which is why good public relations can also significantly contribute to increased sales. 

How to tackle PR, when is a PR agency necessary, what can you do by yourself, how much will it cost you and answers to other questions will be found with Majda, Kristjan and Jaro.


Who is Majda Dodevska?

Majda is the founder of the public relations company Solis PR, in which she helps startups and small companies with public relations, launching new products, designing a brand, and appearing on the global market. She also lectures and leads workshops on public relations and marketing. She has more than 12 years of experience from media, marketing, public relations, and organizing events in the biggest Slovenian companies such as Delo and Elektro Ljubljana. She is also the cofounder and CMO of the international startup Scoutee, for which she carried out a successful crowdfunding campaign and succeeded in getting published in the biggest world media, such as Discovery Channel, NBC Sports, Engadget, Gizmodo, C-Net, Yahoo Japan.


Who is Kristjan Košič?

He’s a hustler in the Maribor-based company Adora-med. Father. Cyclist. Researcher and entrepreneur. He gave his heart to ADORA, for which he says that he has a mission, vision and team that will bring the surgical assistant into every hospital and help save lives. The surgical assistant is a typical example of a product that needs a good story because of a specific market and to understand the product itself. We’ll ask him how they tackled the story and placed the product in it, and what were the first responses from the market.


Who is Jaro Žuraj?

Cofounder and one of the driving pedals of company SIMARINE. This experienced startupper graduated in law, but is interested in everything but law. A communicator with many acquaintances. He describes himself as something in between a technician and designer. He likes to travel, play the guitar, cook, do sports and, as every true entrepreneur, walk on the edge.

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