New knowledge of Growth Hacking for startups

6. June 2017 At 15.45
Date and time
Tuesday, 6. June 2017
15.45 - 0.00 CEST
Many startups and young companies today are facing marketing problems because they do not have a marketing budget or because they don’t have a traditional marketing background. To combat this lack of money and experience, growth hacking was born. 

Growth hackers thrive in this hostile field, where traditional marketers fail, because they rely on innovation, scalability, user connectivity, and because they build user acquisition, on-boarding, monetization, retention, and virality into the product itself. 

In this workshop at 16.00 on the 6th of june at Tovarna Podjemov we will host Maja Voje and Matic Užmah who have vast experience in the field of Growth Hacking. The workshop consists of a theoretical part and a practical one. 

In the theoretical part of the workshop, you will: 

•    learn what is growth hacking and how it can help you, 
•    see practical case studies of startups that grew with growth hacking methods (both B2B and B2C cases)
•    find out how to set up a process of experimenting in your company, and
•    hear the story of a startups growth abroad

In the practical part of the workshop, you will: 

•    do competitor piggybacking
•    create a backlog of experiments for your company and range in which succession you will do them for maximum speed and results
•    do engineered marketing for company growth and lead generation

It is recommended that you bring a laptop with you. See you on tuesday. Applications below!

Who is Maja Voje?

Maja Voje is ranked among the top 0.1% of people talking about Growth Hacking on Twitter by Klout and a certified growth hacker by Growth Tribe in Amsterdam. In the last 5 years, she has been doing gigs for over 50 companies including Google, Rocket Internet, and several international startups. Maja has participated in launching apps, a Kickstarter campaign, and developed multiple lead B2B and B2C lead generation processes via Facebook ads, LinkedIn, and email marketing. Her favorite lead gen techniques are engineered marketing and pre-launch lead gen activities. She is currently working as a growth strategist for a number of clients, most of them from from abroad. In Slovenia she founded the Growth hacking Slovenia community. Having a true passion for the growth marketing profession, she is on a constant hunt for the latest and greatest trends and experiment ideas - gotta test them all!

Who is Matic Užmah?

Matic Užmah is the co-founder at Support Hero, a Paris based company. It is an in-App self-help support tool that provides an advanced knowledge base system for Saas apps. Support Hero is working with major players like KissMetrics, AgoraPulse, Zemanta and Drift.

He drives the company’s vision, strategy, growth and takes care that customers feel happy using SupportHero. He is involved in crafting the company culture and innovating future growth opportunities. In the past, In the past Matic also helped grow Codeable, #1 WordPress outsouricing platform from $200k/monthly to $500k/m in less then one year. 


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