MASH UP Udine: three days for development and realization of your business ideas!

23. November 2017 At 18.00
Date and time
Thursday, 23. November 2017
18.00 - 0.00 CEST

Who says that November is a dull and grey month? In Udine, there will be colors and creativity! Friuli Innovazione, in cooperation with Digital Story Telling Lab of the University of Udine, is preparing three action-packed days of creativity and agile practices: MASH UP 2017 Reloaded. From 23rd until 25th November you will be creating along with industry experts, artists, design thinking specialists and video makers. Participants of the free creative event will be selected based on application and a short introduction video, that must be submitted no later than 21st November.

Focus on culture and creative industries

This year’s MASH UP 2017 Reloaded event in Udine will focus on culture and creative industries. Participants will get the opportunity of jumping head first into three days of the creative visual/digital working, teamwork and contributions to realize the most diverse ideas, projects and/or videos.

Developing Startup Alpe-Adria community

The event is organized for those who have an idea, product and/or service and want to develop it in a short time. This includes talents, creatives, startuppers, students, professionals and like-minded people. As part of the developing Startup Alpe-Adria community, attendees from Friuli Venezia-Giulia and Veneto (Italy), Carinthia (Austria), Slovenia and Croatia (or having a connection with these regions) are warmly invited. Multiculturality and multidisciplinarity are key, so the more expertise from diverse sectors, the better. Mashup 2017 is an English speaking event.


From 23 November 2017, 6 PM until 25 November 2017, 8 PM.


UDINE (Fvg) Digital Storytelling Lab of Udine University.
Palazzo Caiselli Digital Storytelling Lab - Università di Udine, via Palladio 2, 33100 Udine – Italy

The event is organized by Friuli Innovazione in cooperation with Digital Story Telling Lab of the University of Udine. Mash Up Reloaded is an initiative of EEsAA Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Alpe-Adria, a project funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Interreg V Italy-Austria 2014-2020.

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