Lean Startup Machine in Graz!

5. February 2016 At 18.00
Date and time
Friday, 5. February 2016
18.00 - 0.00 CEST

Lab10, business incubator from Graz, Austria, is collaborating with the Initiative Start:up Slovenia and other partners from the Alps-Adriatic region to organize Lean Startup Machine, a globally established workshop for building disruptive, globally successful products and companies. All startups, individuals and teams with an idea they want to develop in only 48 hours are invited to participate and learn about some of the main principles of the lean methodology, such as “out-of-the-building”, “fail fast” and “succeed even faster”. By using a special promo code lsm20, you can get tickets with a 20 % discount.
The whole article is published in Slovenian at: http://startup.si/sl-si/dogodek/116/lean-startup-machine-v-avstrijskem-gradcu-. If you want additional information about this event, please write to us at info@startup.si

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