Knowledge of Law and Startups: From Start to Finish

11. January 2022 At 13.00
Date and time
Tuesday, 11. January 2022
13.00 - 16.00 CEST


Interested in knowledge of law for startups? Wondering what is the right legal-organisational form for a startup? Find out more in an online workshop with experienced startup lawyer Peter Merc. 




At the beginning of an entrepreneurial journey, it often happens that they wander in the grey area. Most of the time, this is because few founders have enough knowledge about the law. Too often, they take advice that has not been verified, which can cause them big problems later on.


We want you to be legally correct right from the start, so we are organising a workshop to help you answer some of the questions. Already visualising your exit? No problem, we'll talk about that in the workshop too.


What will we learn? 

Getting started:

Incorporated or Ltd. (s.p. or d.o.o.)
in Slovenia and abroad
relations between shareholders (articles of association, options)
trade secrets
intellectual property rights
types of financing (differences between forms of financing in terms of legal obligations)
entry of a new shareholder and sale of a shareholding
Legal mistakes:
some examples of mistakes made by entrepreneurs (in connection to the above topics)


When? 11.1.2022 from 13:00 to 16:00 

Who is Peter Merc?

Peter Merc is a lawyer who left the banking sector six years ago to go out on his own. His company Lemur Legal focuses on legal advice for startups and tech companies. Recently, he and his friends have ventured into the world of venture capital. Suricate Ventures was created - a micro-fund that will provide sources of funding to startups in their early stages. In the course of his work, he has gained a lot of practical experience that he is happy to share with other entrepreneurs.



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