Kickstarter Campaigns Have Never Been Easier

12. October 2020 At 11.00
Tovarna podjemov
Date and time
Monday, 12. October 2020
11.00 - 14.00 CEST

Ulica škofa Maksimilijana Držečnika 6

2000 Maribor


Tovarna podjemov

Have an idea for a Kickstarter project?
Want to know first hand who can help you succeed on this platform?
Want to know how successful Slovenian Kickstarter campaigns have done it?


Come to Maribor, where we will host Kickstarter representative Heather Corcoran, who is enthusiastic about the Slovenian Kickstarter community and very interested in Slovenian projects. She can help you bring your idea to Kickstarter.

In addition to Heather, we will also be inviting: 

  • Niko Klanšek, the most successful Slovenian on Kickstarter, who raised 700 thousand dollars with the project Smart Wheel, and 385 thousand euros with Smart Ped.
  • Marko Borko was successful on Kickstarter with three projects: Kefir Maker, Cheese Maker and Fermentation bottles.


The event will be hybrid - a small number of participants will be able to physically attend the event and network with guests, and the rest will be able to watch via Zoom. 


The event is aimed at anyone looking to launch their Kickstarter campaign and anyone interested in all things Kickstarter.

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