Innovation Day Ljubljana - Robotics & Manufacturing

13. December 2022 At 9.30
Date and time
Tuesday, 13. December 2022
9.30 - 0.00 CEST

Grand Hotel Union 1

Miklošičeva cesta

1000 Ljubljana


Institut "Jožef Stefan"

Jamova cesta 39

1000 Ljubljana


EIT Manufacturing together with SRIP Factories of the Future, will organize a major showcase and networking event, where you will have the opportunity to learn about the latest technological advances in the smart manufacturing industry and to chat with the most prominent national and international experts in the field.


If you are a startup or a technology company developing solutions for smart factories, then we invite you to attend this event, where you will have the opportunity to meet potential customers or strategic partners. 


If you are a manufacturing company looking for technologies and solutions for digitalization, then this event is the right place to connect with experts who will help you with your challenges. 


If you are an innovator, researcher, or simply a technology enthusiast, we invite you to chat with like-minded people, potential employers, or strategic partners.   


The full program with the names of the speakers is available here.  


Participation in the full-day event is free! Places are limited; registration is required!


Program and registration


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